Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's freakin' HOT man!!

OK, so note to self: Self, don't go get completely sunburned while drinking beer the day before you compete in a triathlon. Got it? Good.

So, I competed in my second triathlon of 2008 yesterday. I did fairly well, but we don't have any pictures to show for it, which is okay. Luckily, the course was mostly shaded because it was a really hot day. I improved over my previous time and was able to push myself a bit more in each event.

Usually, we can escape the heat in our downstairs room, but yesterday even that didn't work. This isn't so bad for me, but Amelia (being 6 months pregnant) is really miserable. As if the heat wasn't enough, she has also been experiencing excruiciating back pain most of this week, which peaked yesterday. Apparently, this kid is determined to be an extreme pain in the butt to his/her mother even before reaching the teenage years. I'm not going to become too concerned unless he/she starts talking back from the womb:).

I am happy to say that the back pain is relatively less today than yesterday, but that is only in relative terms. Oh, and Amelia is feeling better too. I am somewhat looking forward to the rain in this week's weather forecast. I know our lawn is too.


Sarah said...

I hope you got some relief from the heat. We had thunderstorms and rain last night. It has been nice to have it cool down. We can finally open the windows again.

Mom and Dad said...

I am glad Amelia's back is some better. Nothing must be worse than having that unrelenting nagging. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Bring your rain gear, the weather isn't supposed to dry out until Thursday however it is not pouring right now, just heavy drizzle?????