Saturday, August 2, 2008

Photos Galore!

We have had a photo-fantastic week, people! Well, actually, we'll start out with one from a couple of weeks ago, when I could still crouch without extreme discomfort in the belly region:

This was taken at a WSCPA event where Tony had a water balloon fight with other accountants. Who says they're no fun? Note that the only indication of my pregnant status is the giant boobs-that-will-not-be-contained-by-conventional-methods.

So, we are now at the 24/25 week mark. It totally depends, you see, on which dates you go by: original due date or the two-day-earlier due date established by our very first ultrasound. Although my doc said that our child was measuring in the 93rd percentile based on the 19-week ultrasound, he didn't say anything about changing dates. Then again, at my last appointment, my belly was measuring a week ahead. Sigh, so confusing. The baby will come when he or she wants to, I suppose. I am hoping for the beginning of November. All that to prep you for what are the most amazing belly shots yet:

Yes, folks, it's quite scary. Actually, what's scary is that I am a mere two weeks away from being in the 3rd trimester! And what's more scary is that my belly will only get bigger...

Last night we had the great pleasure to witness our friend Kelly Balzer get married. She was so pretty, and we had a great time at the wedding. Now having met her family, we understand where she gets her boisterous personality!

I bet you can guess which one Kelly is, but the other gal in the photo is our friend Morgan.

Tony and I took some nice photos there, too, since we hadn't been so dressed up since my cousin's wedding, and we didn't take any photos together there (yes, I am wearing the same dress... clothing options are a bit limited for preggos!).

So there you have it! Weekend Update with Amelia & Tony. Until next time... stay classy, Mount Vernon!


Mom and Dad said...

I must say that as much as I love Tony, you make a much prettier prego than he might. That dress is perfect too I might add. It is a great color and the neckline wonderful. The pictures were great. It is hard to believe you are that far along (although you are keenly aware of it, I am sure). Just seems like not too long ago, you guys were telling me you were expecting. Time flies so fast. The mom pictures are amazing. You look so healthy and glow so well.
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Buster, you're such a good looking dog. And your folks ain't half bad, either. Especially that mom of yours. She really does have that glow thing going on. I'm starting to get excited to meet your sibling. I bet you are, too. Be a good boy now and go curl up with your mom and listen to the music of her body's two heart beats. Woof.

K Schimmy said...

Wow, your belly looks great! Mine is still a little lumpy, due to the lumpy state of my stomach pre-pregnancy. You make an adorable preggo. Let's hear it for boobs that can't be controlled by natural means!

Sarah said...

I agree, you look great! And your hair is totally cute, did you just cut it or have I been totally oblivious? How exciting, third trimester, dang! Time flies.