Monday, November 10, 2008

The pics.

As new parents, we are fully aware that we no longer inhabit center stage...and happily so. Consistent with our newfound part of the stage, this post is simply all the pics we have of Charlie so far. I was going to pick out just the good ones, but, interestingly enough, they are all good.

Here's Grandpa Holeman.and Grandma Holemanand Uncle Lelandand Godfather Brandon and Melyssaand Glenda the Good Nurse. She taught our birthing class. and Charlie's Kung Fu grip.
and Charlie's Superman pose.


Sarah said...

Cute pictures! I keep checking back to see the latest. We can't wait to meet Claire's new cousin. Maybe we can teach her how to say Charlie before Thanksgiving. :)

K Schimmy said...

Someone looks like his daddy. Great pictures!

Mom and Dad said...

Those pictures are adorable. Hope all is well today. Love ya

soizic said...

He's adorable ! I won't mention the fact that you all look sooo happy and glowing, but when reading your posts I can't but think about all the differences between here and there. I was amazed at how short you stayed at hospital.. I stayed about 1 week each time, and really loved being taken care of by everybody there. And also how you wrap little charly, that's cute. We don't do it here, but I used (and still do) a sling-hamac sort of thing to carry him around, and he's also sort of tight in there.
I'd love to discuss all these nursing things, but hey, being a mom does not let much free time, right ?
Bons baisers à vous 3, from France..

Keleigh said...

All of Charlie's Grubparents are bursting at the seams. Keep those pics and stories coming!