Sunday, November 23, 2008

Who needs sleep?

Greetings monitor viewers,

To those who have printed this out to read it: please stop now.

So after all Hell broke loose, it has somewhat been fastened again. As parents, we are experiencing the typical feelings of elation at being blessed with our beautiful baby and utter inadequacy of being able to calm him when he is upset (which really only occurs between the hours of 11pm and 3am). This, coupled with sleep deprivation, makes for a truly unique experience. Since I don't have a hormonal bad ass stew running through my body, I can acheive such objective review of the situation.

This last week my Mom came up to stay with us and allow some semblence of order to the house. She was absolutely wonderful: doing our laundry, dishes and preparing meals. We can't thank her enough for being there for us.
Charlie is healthy, which is mostly exemplified by his prolific use of his lung capacity. He seems to like to sleep between 3am and 11am, not continuously mind you, but those are his most restful hours. Buster is adjusting well. This mostly in part to him getting a new squeaky toy. He is a VERY complicated animal:).

Amelia says she feels like this:

Although she still looks like my beautiful wife:

And now for the gratuitous Charlie pictures:

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Mom and Dad said...

I can honestly say I had a blast. thanks for letting me share that time. Charlie does express himself freely (just like his dad did) and those wakeful hours were precious. Amelia is wonderful. She was patient, calm, and a good sport about having her mother-in-law in her home. I got the best of all worlds - time with my kids and our new grandson. You guys will do well, but better once Charlie begins to have a more predictable pattern. I would suggest getting as much sleep while the folks are here next week as you can......