Thursday, January 8, 2009

A "clean" break

Hi there,
Just a quick post from the nimble one of the family.

Have you ever carried a large box down stairs and thought you were on the last step when you weren't? No? I have done this several times. Usually while moving from the various apartments I lived in through college.

There is a proven method to survive such a miscalculation: 1) hold box close to body 2) prepare for impact. Pretty simple method and one I have employed more times than I would really like to admit.

Earlier tonight we headed downstairs to watch a movie. Charlie was asleep in his rocking chair and I figured I would just carry the whole chair down instead of picking him up and possibly waking him.

I'm sure you already know where I'm going with this...

I missed the last step.

However, the above method does not work when carrying a child's rocking chair. So, instead of crushing my son, I think I broke my toe. If so, this would actually be the first non-tooth bone I've ever broken.
Amelia sometimes thinks she has the corner on the market for clumsy...she's wrong:).

Scratch that...I think I may have broken three toes. I guess I won't be skiing next week when we go to Whistler.


K Schimmy said...

Tony!!! I'm so sorry, I know how much an injury like that hurts. Ice it and get it x-rayed, don't let it go. I hope it's just a sprain, and I hope you have learned your lesson.=) Take care!

Mom and Dad said...

Kelli is right, ice, ice ice... I am sorry. Dont forget the Advil.I assume Charlie and his seat were not hurt? Your bruising looks bad or at least like it hurts. Hope your shoes fit tomorrow. Watching the movie now? Sleep is such a wonderful thing to miss..... unless it is the step.

Keleigh said...

Oh! ow! ow! Dang! You're such a good papa bear, protecting his cub. Your first parental injury. You will be scrapbooking it, won't you? ;-)

Lo said...

OWWWWW. Been there, done that. Ice it and I hope it feels better.

Tony said...

Charlie was not hurt at all. I don't think he even woke up.