Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Tale of the Boy Who Wouldn't Sleep

Charles slept for most of yesterday, and didn't eat very much (compared to the near-continual chomping on my boob he has done for the past 9 weeks). I thought maybe he had decided to spend a day growing and would sleep all night, too. But no.

I tried to wake him during the day and keep him active, I really did. But have you ever tried to keep a sleepy infant awake? It really isn't too possible. You end up with one of two outcomes: crying or sleeping. You start to play with them, you put them in the crib they hate, and they wake up crying. You walk around with them in what must be uncomfortable positions for their little bodies, and they still sleep. Fruitless.

Charles woke up around 8 pm and decided to stay up until midnight. But at midnight, he would not really sleep.

Not in his crib.

Not on Tony's chest.

Not in our bed.

Not on my chest (can't be that comfortable, what with the jutty collarbone and the mountainous breasts).

Not in the rocker.

Not curled up with me on the couch.

Where would he sleep?

Over my shoulder, as I bounced and walked up and down the stairs. You try keeping that up all night.
On top of which, Buster scared the bejesus out of himself and us at around 4 am, when he knocked over the Christmas tree that we hadn't yet gotten around to taking down. Fortunately, I had stripped it of its ornaments a week ago.

This morning, an angel in disguise, my friend Rachael, brought us a motorized swing, once rejected by her own son. Charlie loves it.
I think we might get some sleep tonight, if only because he will sleep in this swing.


Rachael said...

I am so very glad Charlie loves that swing!! Hurray!!!

K Schimmy said...

We looooove our swing... in fact, Ruary is sleeping in it this very minute. It has saved our hineys a couple times.

chasecarole said...

I'm so glad the swing works for you. We never had one for Michael and all my friends with kids were like, "What? You NEVER had a swing? What were you thinking?" So we spent a hundred bucks on one for baby Jenna thinking how sweet it was going to be and she can't stand it.

Michael, however, loves to stand up and rock it as hard as he can. Not really what I had in mind.

Mom and Dad said...

I forgot to mention that those two men are pretty handsome even if they are asleep. it's nice to see Charles comforting Daddy.

Anonymous said...

Sadie loved her swing. It was a very happy day when we got that. I feel you. She wasn't much of a night sleeper either, still isn't really. I am so glad you are doing well, except for Tony's toes. We can't wait to meet Charlie. He is adorable!