Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On the Bright Side

  • It has been stinkin' hot here (no really, we stink). But, on the bright side, it was only 75 or 80 degrees today, so I was relatively comfortable at work.
  • I made a batch of bread that was waaaay too big. But, on the bright side, it was good bread. And if you're going to have too much of something, it might as well be something good.
  • Charles continues to grow at an alarming rate. I don't know how heavy he is now, but it feels like he has gained 30lbs in the last three weeks. Okay, so it's not that bad, but really. My neck and back and shoulders hurt. Charles is too long for his 18-month onesies and too big around for most of his 18-month pants (mind you, he's not long enough for them yet, but they are busting at the waist). But, on the bright side, he is healthy and proportionate, and I don't have to worry about him getting enough nutrients. Also, my arms are super strong.
  • I'm still nursing and it's hard. Charles eats everything I can give him - I don't think he'll fire me anytime soon because he loves nursing, but I have to really work to pump enough for him while he's at daycare. Which means I pump literally every time he nurses. My boobs are going to be deflated and sad for the rest of my life from this abuse. But, on the bright side, I know how good breastmilk is for him and I am happy to give him this awesome chance at solid brain and immune system development. Also, for the great bonding.
  • We (Tony and I) have a sleep debt larger than our mortgage. Charles sleeps from 8 pm until about 2 am, sort of waking a couple of times to fuss himself back to sleep (so long as one of us makes our presence known by rubbing him on the back for a second or two). Then, he wakes again at 4 or 5 am, and wakes for the day at 6 am! 6 am is REALLY early, especially when you get up twice between getting into bed at 11 (I always plan to be there by 10, but there is too much to do!) and getting up at 6. He is teething right now, so it has thrown everything off and he is practically inconsolable in the wee hours of the morning. But, on the bright side, he is mega happy when he wakes for good at 6. I mean, you have never SEEN such a smile! And giggles and shrieks! He's happy all day long, but his best hours are the hours between 6 am and his 9 am nap.
  • I have a ton of housework to do, always. Taking care of three boys (if you count Buster, which I do) is hard work. They are messy and dirty and smelly. They create a lot of laundry. I started a chore chart the other day so Tony could pick an item on the list to do at random when he had a few minutes, and the list is already a page long and I am nowhere near finished! I sometimes feel as though I will drown in the housework. But, on the bright side, the housework is an indication of the great things in my life. Not having housework would mean that I didn't have my wonderful family. So I'll take the housework.
  • Traveling is tough with Charles, if only because he doesn't enjoy being confined to the rear-facing car seat for hours on end. Also, I hate packing. But, on the bright side, we are headed to the beach this weekend for my 10-year high school reunion on Friday and Saturday, and then the Chellis family reunion (Grandma Lorna's family) on Sunday. It will be a great time!


Tony said...

Did anyone else get a point-counterpoint vibe from this post? I sure did:). Love ya, sweetie!

K Schimmy said...

I agree with Tony on the format... very smooth and organized.

Unsolicited advice time! Yay! If you are struggling to get enough milk pumped, you might think about pumping early, early in the morning. Not fun, yes, but our prolactin levels are supposedly at their highest between the hours of 1 and 5 am... how is that for cruel? My 5 am pumping is my largest by an extra 6-7 ounces.

Sorry if you are already pumping that early in your busy day, but I love information, don't you? =) Have fun at your reunion!

Mom and Dad said...

You keep me hopping with the various points you make. Maybe this is training for something else? not sure what, but what did you say before - you have guns??

chasecarole said...

You know I've got no advice on the nursing business, except to say that once Charles is a year old you can start him on cow's milk, so maybe you can cut back on the pumping and such.

I'm so sorry we missed you guys this weekend... out of town for a wedding. Next time.