Thursday, July 2, 2009


Would you like it if we posted more? Wouldja? Well, too damn bad. Life is busy, y'all.

Aw, jeez, I didn't mean to make you upset! No, seriously, stop crying. Okay, here, have a baby photo:

Phew. Now we all feel better.

Well, we are leaving again. Buster is headed to the kennel and the rest of us are trekking to the Tri-Cities for the long weekend. It's Claire's birthday party (watch out, Sarah and Andy, we got a noise-maker!) and I'll get to see some Walla Walla friends and scorch my poor white skin in 100-degree weather (I thought it was bad that we have 80-degrees-plus here!) and hopefully escape the angry hordes of mosquitos that are feasting on said poor white skin. We would take Buster, cuz I hear that Claire loves doggies, but the extra-thick coat of fur does not play well with 100-degree heat. I think he would just be miserable all weekend. And probably take over the kiddy pool, angering the young ones. This way, he gets to be with other doggies. But I'll miss him. Buster, I LOVE YOU!!!

Also, before I go, an update on Daddy: He will check out of the hospital today, and though he is very drugged, the surgery/radiation is over and he will hopefully see his cancer indicators plummet over the next few months. It might seem premature, but I am already thinking that we can call this a success!

See you next week, when I hopefully will find time to regale you with stories of mirth and joy from the weekend! (Here's also hoping that I remember to take photos, as I summarily dismissed my camera last weekend - during which I partied like a rockstar, or at least like a married, young mother rockstar - as too heavy to lug around.)

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Mom and Dad said...

He is the cutest. I was afraid the heat up there would kick up your allergies, hope not.
Glad to hear youd dad is getting sprung. Tell him hi for us. C U SUN