Friday, July 10, 2009

Sans Fireworks

The weekend at the Landon's was a trip planned, originally, to allow Tony and Andy to go head-to-head in a triathlon in Richland. Sarah also moved party plans around so we could all celebrate Claire's birthday that weekend, and Joe and Loris came out, too. Unfortunately, Tony's days have been just a bit too packed to train for a race, so we watched Andy compete instead.
We did, however, follow through with Claire's birthday party, at which all the kids had a ton of fun, even if we parents were smoldering in the heat. You see, the kids had pools.

Charles got to enjoy some fun time with his grandparents, so that was great also.

Not even heat could get this guy down.

I'm sure the Landons will post about the party, but Claire seemed quite satisfied with her toys, even if Cousin Hannah pushed her down and stole her toy stroller.

At one point, I had corralled all the cranky kids (my own included - it was sleepy time!) onto/nearby my lap on the couch inside (in the Tri-Cities, you have air conditioning, so I hung out indoors whenever the heat outside got unbearable) to read books. It was quite sweet, as I had started out just reading to Charles, and then one by one, other children gathered.
Check out this video. Plastic bottles are Charles' favorite toys.


K Schimmy said...

They never wave when you want them to, do they? Argh.

I LOVE the "BONK" he gives the camera... almost like he's saying, "Hey Mama, 'sup?"

Keleigh said...

Those pics with Grandma Loris are great!

Dang, that kid has a happy disposition! Can I have an order to go, please?

Mom and Dad said...

it was the hotest I have experienced in a while as well. Both Amelia and I are neck and neck with the heat thing. But Roger and Deborah have a wonderful set up that helped us West siders bear the heat much better. the pools were a terrific addition for the kids and I think kept the whining to a minimum. Charles certainly has the most ready smile of any child I know. He is getting his vocal sounds started and is communicating pretty effectively. His giggle is priceless and that toothy grin is always there.