Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hello, Baby

And so, we just had our 21-week ultrasound, resulting in a pretty big surprise. 


Remember back, if you will, to Charles’ 19-week ultrasound.  Oh, so cute he was!  And also, he was in the ninety-third percentile for growth.  NINETY-THIRD.  That was when we got the first taste of how big he was going to be. 


This time?  Fiftieth percentile.  That’s five-zero.  Middle of the road.  This baby is of totally average size, which I was not at all expecting, not even one bit.


So yeah, big surprise there.  Perhaps I won’t scare people so much in my ninth month as I did before.


No, we did not find out the sex.  But here are some adorable photos:



This is the baby’s profile.  Now, let’s do a side-by-side comparison with Charles’ ultrasound profile (bear in mind that ultrasound is not super exact, and the babies could have been turned opposite directions from one another).  The first photo is Charles, the second is New Baby.


Baby profile scan0003

Pretty different, huh?  A bit more jaw on New Baby, a bit less roly-poly looking.  Same sloping forehead (which, in person, was not nearly so ape-like, though you’d better believe that I agonized over that for months whenever I looked at this ultrasound waiting to birth Charles).


Here is New Baby’s mouth and nose (which I think looks so much like Charles!):



Can you see them?  No?  Well, try this:



Those are the nose, lips, and chin right there…


So, should we start the pool now?  Boy or girl, what do you think?


Lo said...

I am going with GIRL!!

We are having boy, boy, boy in our family, so if I were having to put money on it I am saying pink for the baby room.

K Schimmy said...

Lo is right... odds are in your favor, just by proximity. Hot pink!