Sunday, February 6, 2011

Playing Dress-Up

If I wasn’t pregnant, we would have bid on (and won) another trip to Mexico… alas, the timing of May 6-14 just won’t work out for us this year.  Even so, we had a great time at my Rotary Auction last night.  We stayed up waaaaay too late and I’m paying for it today, but that’s okay. 


Here we are, pre-auction:


auction 004

I rented the dress for the weekend from and it was fabulous.  They sent me two sizes in case one didn’t fit, along with a postage pre-paid envelope to send them back.  I got compliments all night long :-)


We did bid on and win a Children’s Museum membership (ours ran out last month) and a large pizza per month for a year from Round Table.  Yum!  There were some really interesting items on the auction block, both silent and live, and it makes me think, hmm, not a bad way to spend your money if you’ve got a lot of it.  After all, someone went home with a beautiful chocolate cake (that taunted me all night with its delightful scent – oh, people, it was covered in chocolate ganache with a Bailey’s caramel glaze… ohh, I could almost taste it!  Curse this pregnant nose!) and they supported the Rotary club at the same time.  On the whole, most everything was far out of our price range, especially when there is very little in life that we actually need right now.


John Curley, formerly of Evening Magazine fame, was the auctioneer, and I have never seen an auctioneer work harder.  He was frantic, frenetic, and a little bit scary. 


Speaking of timing (I was, back at the top), Tony has decided to take Charles on a Father’s Day fishing trip in June.  Does anyone remember what happens in June?  He’s inviting others along with him… and I will be stuck at home, potentially having a baby alone.  Not cool.  Somehow, I don’t think my brother will want to hold my hand during delivery.  So, fingers crossed this baby doesn’t arrive while the only one around to drive me to the hospital is Buster!


K Schimmy said...

Maybe Tony could plan his trip as a Mother's Day gift to the woman he loves, who is about to give birth to his second child? Come on, dude.

Keleigh said...

First, red is your color, baby. You should have a tube of red lipstick with you at all times and slather it on when you need a pick-me-up. You look fabulous, dahlink!

(The hottie on your arm ain't bad, either.)

How'd you score that auctioneer? We're trying to find one for Oysters and Art at the moment as ours had a conflict...

Mom and Dad said...

Second to Keleigh's comment, red is definitely your color.
REgarding the fishing trip, timing might be great for the grandmas to be there for the birth, or maybe at least in town this time. or postponed until later or taken earlier. Remember, holidays can be celebrated anytime - like our recent Christmas....???