Monday, March 14, 2011

I’m Gonna Miss This

Charles was sick all weekend.  Fortunately, the barfing only happened on Sunday afternoon, and it seemed to cure him of whatever illness was stewing in his little system. 


While he lay in a fever-induced stupor watching Toy Story 1, 2, and 3 all weekend long, I alternated between cuddling him and Getting Shit Done.  I caulked my backsplash.  I trimmed bushes in the yard that have been languishing, calling to me for attention as if in a fog.  “Amelia….” they say.  “We need you…”  I picked up dog crap (gosh, it’s getting tough to bend down!).  I hoed my vegetable garden, or rather part of it, since it was incredibly hard work in my 6-months-pregnant state, to get it ready to plant.  I planted a new houseplant I bought the other day.  I cleaned.  I cleaned a lot.


But the cuddling was the best part.  I could tell whenever Charles needed another round of ibuprofen because that’s when he’d call for me to come go “night-night” with him on the couch.  I’d get the bottle of medicine and the little cup, make him sit up and drink it with some water, and then settle in with his hot little body sweltering in my arms, pull the blanket over us, and love him as he drifted into sleep. 


As much as it pains me to see my child sick, I’m gonna miss this.  Oh, so much. 


The weekend also included some revelations on Charles’ room.  I’m going to take down the large, ill-suited to a child’s room painting from the wall.  I am going to paint the two walls in his bed nook royal blue and then add some wall decals (sounds classier than “stickers”) – maybe stars like in Toy Story (those movies, affectionately called “Woody and Buzz” by Charles, are a big part of our lives right now).  I’m going to paint a royal blue chalkboard on the other wall, from the ground level up to about 4ft.  And I’m going to put some mirrors on top.  Do you know that sticker mirrors also exist?  Star-shaped, heart-shaped, flower-shaped… what fun!  And curtains, probably also royal blue.  It sounds like a lot of blue, but it won’t be.  I’ll take some before and after photos as we move along.  The first step is moving the futon out.  I’m thinking we’ll need some shelves, and I’d like to find an alternative to the oddly-placed bedside table; a surface for Charles’ water bottle is important (sure, he might never get out of nighttime diapers, but he’ll be hydrated, and that’s important, too).

3 comments: said...

I am very much looking forward to seeing what you end up with! Did the pics I sent help at all?

Amelia said...

Yes! And thank you so much, Keleigh! I hadn't thought of stickers/decals before, but they inspired. Now, I'm no artist, but I think I can come up with something passable that won't disfigure our house forever.

K Schimmy said...

Check for awesome vinyl decals. I am coveting a set of adorable little monsters for baby #2 room. They're a perfect way to add a big design element with no work!