Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This is Something, This is Nothing, This is Something, This is Nothing.

Behold, in a rare glimpse into my uterus, my breech baby:



Sucking his or her thumb, maybe?


Baby face…

We had another ultrasound this morning because the baby has a spot on his/her heart.  This spot is a small calcification that could be nothing at all, but also could be correlated to Down Syndrome.  Considering that my quad screen was normal and that I don’t have other risk factors, the likelihood that I would have a Down Syndrome baby is low.  However, stranger things have happened.


The radiologist still has to look at the images this week to see if it’s anything further than just a spot (like an actual threat to heart function – though that seems unlikely as it was beating at 144 bpm during the ultrasound and the baby was lively), and then my doctor will discuss the results.  He has already offered that I could have an amniocentesis if I am worried, but I really don’t like needles.  And I know someone who miscarried after an amniocentesis, so I’d rather not go there; losing a baby at nearly 28 weeks is not part of my plan.


So.  Now we wait, hope and pray for a healthy baby in 3 months, and move on.


Sarah said...

It would be kinda silly to tell you not to worry about it at all, but I still will. :) We'll definitely be praying for a healthy little Cook, but I have no doubt that's exactly what you've got. Hmmm... With the arm in the mouth, I wonder if you'll have a thumb-sucker this time.

K Schimmy said...

Ugh... they always seem to plant a seed to make you worry, don't they? We, of course, will pray, but I agree with Sarah. Worry won't change anything... but we do it anyway, right?

Mom and Dad said...

Consider the prayer link at this house too. The pictures are pretty cool. Technology always amazes me - but the more informed you are, the more informed you are... Baby Cook will be amazing and healthy. And a thumb sucker??? oh boy