Monday, March 7, 2011

A Vacation Far(ish) Away

Do you want to see what I look like at 24 weeks pregnant?  Do you?  I look pretty round:


Beach 007

Big hips, big boobs, big belly (you can’t see my upper arms, but they are big, too).


This photo was taken in Seaside, where I spent the weekend scrapbooking with Sarah and Loris.  And it was awesome (except for the lack of snacks and the sitting for 14 hours straight).  The weather was beautiful, and I forced myself out on a couple of walks to enjoy the Seaside ambiance (dogs, kids, waves crashing… heaven).  It was great to spend time with Sarah, who will be moving far, far away with her family this month.  I also finished lots of work in my scrapbooks, and feeling accomplishment, even in the most small-scheme tasks, can help a pregnant lady’s damaged psyche.


I’m hoping that this refreshed feeling will stick with me for awhile.  I’m trying to believe in Lady Gaga’s Madonna ripoff and understand that I was, indeed, Born This Way; that is, I was born to get really fat and round and unattractive during pregnancy.  And really, what can I do about it?  Nothing, that’s what.  I have to come to terms with it.  I’m not sure if that’s going to happen, but I am trying. 


Which is not to say that I feel much better than I did last week, just that I give myself a lot of mental slaps now.  And I hope and pray that this weight will come off when this baby is born.  At the very least, that my workout schedule can be made a priority in our house.


I am worried about that last one, because there are so many other priorities: kids, dinner on the table, laundry, Buster, Tony’s workout schedule, Tony’s triathlon training, Tony’s job, my job… the list goes on.  I will very likely relegate my exercise to the end of the line because, what choice do I have? 


Sigh.  See?  Now I am all sad about this again. 


While I was in Seaside, Charles hung out with my parents, and then I went back to their place on Sunday and we all spent another whole day together.  The weather continued to be fabulous.  Observe:


Beach 013


Beach 026


Beach 027


Weather like that makes me wish we could visit more often.


According to my parents, Charles was “good as gold” while I was gone, but he sure threw some mega tantrums for me when I got back (either he missed me or I am stricter than my parents and don’t continually bribe him with Sesame Street and popsicles).  He has also decided that potty training is not for him and demands to wear a diaper.  Back to square one, I guess.


K Schimmy said...

A lack of snacks at your retreat? Are these people SAVAGES?

Glad you got to get away... sorry that Mr. Charles is back in diapers, but at least you have had some success. Ruary keeps insisting, "Not yet." Grrr.

Amelia said...

Yes, they are savages. Who in their right mind thought it would be a good idea to cut out both sugary AND salty snacks at a retreat populated predominantly by women? If I had only known, I would have brought my own backpack full.

Charles continues to go in the potty on occasion, but with the diapers, he can't feel that he is wet. Thus, he is not learning. Which is worse, though: the fight that will ensue if I take diapers away, or letting him go un-potty trained for the foreseeable future? I choose no fighting.

K Schimmy said...

There are some things just not worth fighting over... choosing worthy battles in the third trimester is a good idea. They will use the potty when they are ready, right? :)