Thursday, June 23, 2011

A New Day; Links

Still here, no baby yet.  Every evening, I have a series of contractions that make me think, “Is this it?” and then… sigh… they go away.  But maybe I’m warming up?


Anyhow, I’m feeling a bit brighter today, perhaps because of all the sleeping I did yesterday.  And I’m feeling brighter despite the epic tantrum Charles threw this morning (of course Tony had already gone to work).  The boy is impossible sometimes.  But!  We made it through, he’s at preschool now, his favorite place in the whole world, and I got some important work done at the office before taking my leave to put my feet up.


Also!  I just found out via a lovely email from a dear friend/sister that we have cause for visiting France next year!  Yes!  May 2012, and you can bet that I’ll be excitedly planning that trip for the several months leading up to it.  More details to follow, I’m sure.



With that, I’d like to link you to some of the things that keep me occupied for as long as I can sit at the computer during the day.  Oh, I have my Kindle, and I breeze through books very quickly (speaking of, any book recommendations will be highly valued at this point, so bring ‘em on), but I also read other things, too. 


  • I’ve been working my way through this list of “Nearly 100 Fantastic Pieces of Journalism” and they’re really quite interesting.  Especially this one about spies written by Malcolm Gladwell.  By the way, I really like the name Malcolm, but it was rejected by Tony. 


  • Do you like random YouTube videos, weird stuff, pop culture news?  Check out The Daily What


  • I like Top Ten type lists, especially when I learn something weird (and often totally useless).  Cracked is a pretty good resource for such nonsense.


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K Schimmy said... is a big favorite of mine, too. I'm thinking contracting thoughts for you!!! :)