Monday, June 6, 2011

Video Monday

This is a couple months old, but still funny (and still a marvelous example of Charles’ spirit), so here you go:



And our young man is talking ever so much more since he moved up to preschool.  Full sentences, nearly all the time.  A vocabulary explosion (which leads me to believe that he always knew these words, just wouldn’t say them).  He’s still defiant and strong-willed, but better communication on his end has sure helped us to anticipate and meet his needs and wants a bit better, making things slightly less stressful as we prepare for a new helpless being.


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K Schimmy said...

The spinning? AWESOME. And now that he's doing the sentence thing, just WAIT for the stuff he's going to make up. We're getting fibbing left and right around here... it's just so darned funny.

And why don't you have any orange shoes, anyway? :)