Thursday, June 2, 2011

Is It Friday Yet?

The days are crawling by soooo sloooowly… I can hardly stand it.  I am uncomfortable, as you might imagine one would be at 36 weeks pregnant, I am tired, and I am experiencing the worst heartburn ever.  I know I’ll make it, but I might be a royal mess if I carry this baby to June 26, or (horror of horrors!) beyond.  No one wants a pre-term baby, but right at 38 weeks would be lovely.


There are a few really unattractive times during pregnancy.  The first is when you are green and barfing all the time.  Then, when you are fat, but don’t quite look pregnant yet.  For a while you have the “cute” stage where even though your arms are getting flabby, you have this nice, not-too-huge baby belly to rub and have people exclaim over and all your maternity clothes fit and you are “glowing” and happy.  Then, you reach the stage I am at now.  None of my clothes fit, they are all too short in the tops and too gappy in the bottoms.  My face is huge and my eyes have dark circles under them.  I look wan and wasted, I can’t eat a full meal, and very few things taste good.  People look at me as though I am a ticking time bomb, ready to explode at any second.  It’s awful.


Our garage project was pushed back to next week (inciting only momentary panic! because I don’t honestly think I’ll have this baby before it’s done, but we’re still cutting things awfully close), but I did get the carseat cleaned and another base ordered.  I have started packing my hospital bag, which has begged the question: what can I possibly wear post-partum that will not make me look like I am wearing a giant diaper walking out of the hospital?  Oh, it’s incredibly vain to be thinking that, but seriously, the pads they give you after birth are MONSTROUS.  I think I am settled on a comfy skirt, nursing tank, and light overshirt.  It is, after all, June.  The crib is now at the correct height, but we lost the bitty parts needed to make it safe for the baby, so we’ll have to get those sent in soon – Tony’s on it, I believe.  And now I have to find an adorable unisex outfit for the baby to wear home.  I also need more “other” clothes for the baby, as Charles’ hand-me-downs are still MIA.  Time for onesie shopping!


There’s just too much to do, in between shopping and doctor’s visits and entertaining a toddler… all I want to do is sleep and eat leftover birthday ice cream cake.


Here’s a question for you, friends: should I go swimsuit shopping now for post partum swimwear and guess at a size, or should I wait until afterward, when I will be in hate with my post-partum flab?  I can’t quite determine which would be less bruising to the psyche.

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K Schimmy said...

I'm not wearing the hospital's pads home. I'm bringing my own... not gonna make that mistake again. They're like surfboards.

Our crib is a drop-side, too... what are the parts that are supposed to convert it? What do they do? Oh dear, one more thing to worry about.