Thursday, September 29, 2011

Three Months Old Photo Roundup

We are busy, busy, busy, busy here, what with having a three-month-old, going back to work, entertaining an almost three-year-old, doing Baby Boot Camp, travelling, and just generally keeping house.  But you know what?  It is totally worth a few minutes of my day (and, I hope, a few minutes of yours) to take a look at this awesome kid who is growing so fast and is so super cute and ILOVEHIMSOMUCH, OMGxinfinity.


Three Months 005

“What’re YOU lookin’ at?”


Three Months 008

The fine art of couch-sleeping (I was right there the whole time, don’t get your panties in a bunch about improper infant sleep arrangements).


Three Months 009 

“Sigh… the car seat again.”


Three Months 012

“Wait, are we going somewhere cool?  Maybe to pick up my big brother?  I love that kid!”


Three Months 018

Bedtime!  The only way Charles will go to sleep anymore is if Jamie joins him for at least a little bit.  I can’t decide if we should buy bunk beds next or just a big bed for them to share.


Three Months 019

Look at that chub! 


Jennifer L. said...

Your boys are so adorable and Jamie is getting so big! I started my older boys out in separate beds when they were two and one, but they'd always end up together at some point during the night. I think they finally started sleeping alone most of the time when they were about four and five. However, even now I'll occasionally find out that they both slept together on the top bunk. I plan to move my baby into their room as soon as possible (hopefully within the next two years) so they can sleep with him and deal with his nighttime need to snuggle!

Amelia said...

Oooh, I look forward to my boys taking care of each other at night instead of crawling in with me... what a great idea, Jennifer! said...

Your mom's right - GREAT pics!

Sarah said...

Great pictures! Glad to see some new shots of Jamie! We'll have to skype again sometime (you know, in your free time, whenever that is...). Claire is really excited to be able to see Jamie sometime. So fun to see that your boys love each other so much already!

Lo said...

Cute boys you got there. Jamie is an adorable addition to your family.

Mom and Dad said...

We had bunk beds for the kids in Long Beach and despite efforts to separate them, they always slept together. They read to each other -ok - Sarah conned Tony into reading to her.... When we moved to Ilwaco, she slept in his room on the floor for several months till she migrated to her room. It was pretty special. I know boys and girls together, but hey they are siblings and enjoy each other's company to this day. Glad they had that time together.

K Schimmy said...

Your boys are going to be such good friends. So sweet.

Julia said...

Super cute, but we're supposed to not leave them unattended when they sleep on the couch?? nobody ever told me that!! ;)

j/k. your baby is fantastically adorable, as is your big boy.