Thursday, November 3, 2011

Storybook Ending

“Don’t take Jamie,” Charles tells me as I wander in during Daddy Stories (Mommy Stories are first, followed by bellowing “Daddy’s TURN!” as loudly as possible down the stairs).  “Just leave him right there,” he says to me, insisting that the only place James belongs is right next to him in bed.


The boys stare at Tony with rapt attention, Jamie contorting his little body to get a better view of the book. 


Tony whispers, “Look at this,” as if to say it louder would break the spell.


I pick up the camera.  Charles spies it and says, loudly, “CHEESE!” 


“Oh no!” I think, as I snap the photo, “I’ve ruined it.”


But I didn’t.  They turn their little heads back to daddy and proceed to listen to the rest of the story.




Mom and Dad said...

Wow, a true Kodak moment!! They are certainly the cutest set of grandkids this sideof the Pacific!! See ya soon

K Schimmy said...