Friday, November 11, 2011


Birthday 001

This cake was agony, from the beginning.  Charles HAD to have a dinosaur driving a car.  There was a choice between new or old buttercream frosting – and I chose poorly (if you’re getting a cake a Haggen, go for the old, the new is pretty gross in large quantity).  Another kid stuck his fingers in the cake (right under the 3 candle) and nearly caused a meltdown.


When all was said and done, however, he was completely enamored with it.  Success!


The past year has brought some major changes to Charles’ life.  Potty training, a new baby brother, the resulting potty regression, eventually figuring it out again.  First plane ride, a ton more awareness of things around him and experiences.  Trips to the zoo, aquarium, kite festival, and countless adventures to the beach, the park, the swimming pool.


He’s still in the 90th percentile for growth at 38 inches tall and 39 pounds, just barely under the weight limit for our old Britax Roundabout car seat.  I figure that just about the time we transition Jamie from the infant carrier, we’ll upgrade that seat for Charles (it’s in the truck – he has a Graco Nautilus for the car).  He’s in the EXACT same size of clothing that he was at this point last year, but he sure fills it out differently.  He’s longer and leaner, though still sturdy.  His speech expands every day, and almost everything is understandable now, with very few words in an alternate toddler language.


He loves to run.  He knows how to ride a bike (with training wheels).  He jumps and swings and is generally the most physical kid I know.  He’s learning his letters, though it’s slow going, and he knows his shapes very well.


I’m so proud of him.  I couldn’t have asked for a more loving, silly boy.  Charles is so happy all the time, he makes me happy and keeps me positive.  How lucky we are.


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Jennifer L. said...

Glad that the cake issue worked out! So stressful when you want to make your child's party perfect. I think you did a fantastic job! You are so blessed to have such an adorable family.

Amelia said...

Thank you! They are pretty amazing, despite all the stress sometimes. I do it to myself, though, and I know it. I couldn't ask for a better group of boys :-)

Mom and Dad said...

I would echo Jennifer's comment. It was a great place and party for the kids. Charles is a phenomenal kid and I am so glad he is my grandson. That smile is precious. However, while you may be able to understand him most of the time, Gma Loris still struggles. As my mom used to say, he speaks "Mt. Vernonese." Happy 3, Charles

K Schimmy said...

The cake turned out so well... great recovery, Mom! We do what we need to do, right? :)