Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Weekend Warriors

I'm not really sure what happened with the photos here, but I'm going to roll with it.

Buster got some clean toys.

Our weekend started with a bang and ended with a barf or two...

Charles frequently boycotts his high chair midway through the meal.
Sometimes, we make him eat on the floor. Yeah, we're awesome parents.

But, he's still cute, even after the mistreatment.
And, he believes that all drawers should be routinely emptied of their contents. Forget card games, this is Charles' kind of fun!
We did have a busy weekend... first, we went to Tony's office beach party, where we enjoyed great food in the sun. Unbeknownst to us, we also contracted an awesome stomach virus that would lay us out the next night.
Then, on Sunday, we went to some friends' wedding. They were so irreverent, it was awesome. First of all, it was in a beautiful setting in La Conner. But, they jazzed it up by adding quite a bit of humor to the whole proceeding. Sheran walked down the aisle to The Imperial March (you know, Darth Vader's theme), and Brian flipped a coin when asked, "Do you take this woman...?" They had a great first dance that involved Brian stripping off his tux top to show a tuxedo t-shirt ('cuz it says, like, I wanna be formal, but I'm here to party, too), and then the garter toss was just, well, hilarious. Brian must have pulled out 14 things from under Sheran's dress, including an empty wine bottle, a foam #1 hand, a license plate, and a rubber chicken. Charles danced with everyone, and Tony karaoked to "Don't Stop Believin'."

Notice the baby-lifting guns in this photo:

We went home around 6 pm and I promptly started vomiting, and getting sick out the other end, and Tony joined me in the noble endeavor of evacuating his digestive system around 4 am. We both stayed home Monday, along with like, half of his office. Killer.


Mom and Dad said...

Wow, those pics were terrific. The dip is my favorite next to the one of all three of you. course, now wait a minute, those of Charlie with the smiles they are my favorite, no how bout the one that makes you look so thin? I guess I can't make up my mind. They were all great. Miss you.

Keleigh said...

Love those baby lifters! And that wedding sounds like a real hoot.

Sorry about your bug! I wish I could remember the poem that just popped into my head; something like, "When little beetle orchestras make your head feel rummy, when germs in tiny bowling shoes go dancing in your tummy, yell, "shoo, sickies! Go away!"

Clearly, it's time for me to find sleep.

Or another margarita. Either way.