Tuesday, November 6, 2012

And Speaking of Time…

Oh, Charles.  He is four today.


photo (1)


The years are short but the days are long, right?  Let’s recap:


He’s big and solid and energetic.  He’s sweet and cuddly.  He reads, or rather, he looks at books and asks to be read to all day long.  He hates going to bed.  He wears a costume more days than he doesn’t.  He can write his name, but insists that he doesn’t know how to spell it.  He loves his brother.  He is often whiny.  He knows how to push all my buttons.  He tries my patience.  He likes squash and carrots, but turns his nose up at other vegetables.  He’s so loud.  He asks so, so many questions.  He’s eloquent and has a large vocabulary – at least in comparison with his peers.  He’s mostly polite.  He says “uh-member” instead of “remember.”  He’s everybody’s friend.  He likes to play “house.”


photo (2)


He’s my baby, but he’s turning into such a big boy.  And I love him more than I ever thought possible.

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