Thursday, November 15, 2012

Photogenic Cook Boys

We have had family photos taken a couple of times this year by our good friend Jen with JB Expressions, and it occurred to me that those of you who are not on Facebook have not seen them (this includes my in-laws, and I suspect that they do not wish to be left out in this instance).


In the spring (like, way back in May… which might as well be forever ago), we went to the park.  It was a beautiful day, but it wasn’t supposed to be, and we cut the session short.  Turns out, overcast is better for photos than sun. 


403 Cook's Kiwanis Park

I call him “Tony B. Squinty.”


Still, the kids being cute made up for the weather not cooperating, and we got a couple of good shots in the shade.


412 Cook's Kiwanis Park


436 Cook's Kiwanis Park

My hair was a lot darker before the summer, wasn’t it?


445 Cook's Kiwanis Park


Being the type of person I am, though, I insisted we give it another shot (ooh, pun!).  We had to wait until October for an overcast day (this is not complaining! September was glorious!) and I even bought skinny jeans (gasp!) to go with my boots.  Hey, I’m on Pinterest.  I know what’s hot right now.


©20121020-Oct 20 2012 Cook Family 001

My husband’s butt is hot, for instance.  Though it is not on Pinterest.


©20121020-Oct 20 2012 Cook Family 015 - Version 2


©20121020-Oct 20 2012 Cook Family 022


©20121020-Oct 20 2012 Cook Family 026

Mr. Serious.  Which usually means that he’s plotting ways to thwart me and my silly rules.  Especially those regarding what he can and cannot climb.


©20121020-Oct 20 2012 Cook Family 032

Get me out of here!


©20121020-Oct 20 2012 Cook Family 038


©20121020-Oct 20 2012 Cook Family 073

Tickling gets the best photos.


©20121020-Oct 20 2012 Cook Family 080


©20121020-Oct 20 2012 Cook Family 104


©20121020-Oct 20 2012 Cook Family 117


So there you have it!  A family photo shoot we can be proud of.  Many thanks to Jen, and watch out, family of mine, because I’m going to make you do it again next year.


Jennifer L. said...

Those are beautiful family pictures! Having a few young boys myself, I'm very impressed with how many great pictures you ended up with! At our last session I think we ended up with about two pictures where everyone was looking at the camera and not looking too ridiculous.

Amelia said...

It helps that they are both total camera whores. Charles has been enamored with all cameras since he was little, though his "cheese" smile has gotten a bit fake lately. Jamie recently warmed up to the camera and even tries to say "cheese" (it comes out as "jeeee!") for us. But the trick is to make them laugh.