Friday, March 1, 2013

Dress Decisions

You can be pretty tech-savvy and still not know how to make a website work.  So!  Only links to pretty things today, not photos, but if you take the time to click the links and offer feedback, I’d be grateful.


I have an open love affair with dresses – Tony doesn’t mind.  I don’t buy new ones all that often, and I try to shop sales and at Ross.  Dresses are wonderfully flattering and I would wear one every day except, you know, winter and children.  Also, I find that you can wear out a dress a lot quicker than a sweater; people remember seeing it on you and you therefore don’t want to wear it too often.


Luckily for me and my closet (but not my pocketbook, perhaps), Tony and I will be attending the Tulip Festival Gala at the end of March and I will be purchasing a new dress for the occasion.  I know many people who go who don’t buy new dresses, but they’re missing out.  Any opportunity for a new dress is one I will always seize.


Here are the ones I am considering:


Poppy and You Know It dress from

Friendly Floral Arrangements dress from

Poppy Culture dress from

Enchanted Afternoon dress from

Sadie dress from

Evelyn dress from

Belted Lace Overlay dress


Now which one should I buy?  I’ll probably make time to visit Macy’s and Ross between now and then, too, because some of these online dresses, while amazing, are also expensive.  I busted out the ass on my favorite pair of jeans earlier this week, so I might try to make a trip to a larger mall with an Express sometime soon to replace them and I’ll shop dresses there.  Stupid big butt of mine.  This is why camouflaging dresses are better in every way.


Oh!  And now I CAN say it: Happy Friday!!!


Janine said...

The Belted Overlay dress is the best. The next best is the Evelyn dress from Pin Up Girl (I love this site!). I'm not a huge fan of floral prints, but this black and yellow great!

Jennifer L. said...

My vote goes to the Poppy and You Know it (And maybe your new red shoes would go well with it?). A close second is the Evelyn dress though. Makes me want to do some dress shopping as well!

Julia said...

I like dresses with structure, so I'm drawn to the Evelyn dress, but I think if it was me, I'd go with either of the Poppy dresses - they both seem like they could be pretty versatile to wear on subsequent occasions, change up with cardigans, etc.

Margarita Primavera said...

My vote is for the Sadie or the Evelyn... definitely!

Roger Holeman said...

I vote for Enchanted Afternoon!