Tuesday, March 19, 2013

They Have *Such* Good Eyes for the Artistic Shot

I’ve been sorting through weekend photos on my phone (because I rarely travel with the big camera on my own) and have found that my children enjoy hitting any button they can find in any program they open.  I’m not at all surprised about that.  Those kids know how to work my smartphone better than I do, which has probably been the refrain of parents from time immemorial. (“Geez, Grock can start a fire with stone and flint in two seconds!  Takes me all week to get one going using such modern methods.”)


photo (60)

That’s frozen yogurt on his pants.


I’d like to point out that I won’t do that stupid, proud parent, ascribe-talents-to-your-children thing that so many do: “look at my budding photographers!  They’re soooo talented!”  Nope.  These kids just enjoy stealing my phone and emulating my actions with it.  And rearranging all my apps.


photo (64)

Gimme that phone back!


I once had a leadership professor in grad school who was terrible, and probably would have been better off teaching creative writing or art to left-brained undergrads than leadership to right-brained MBA students.  She had us read the WORST books, and we all found her class to be a waste of our time, which made us angry since we were all old enough that we were paying our own money to be there.  She once used her daughter as an example of leadership, saying that her four-year-old showed “leadership” by taking her mom by the hand and towing her around the zoo.  Needless to say, we all found it a laughable example, since she had spent an entire quarter trying to get us to understand how to “model the way” and “inspire the heart” – a four-year-old impulsively pulling a parent from animal exhibit to animal exhibit doesn’t seem to apply.


photo (65)

Charles did pretty well on this one.


My kids are not photography masters, but they are amusing.  At least, I’m amused by what they chose to photograph.


 photo (59)

Jamie prefers to take photos of his legs.


Okay, let’s face it, they didn’t “choose” to photograph these things, they just enjoyed hitting the buttons.  Which, if I’m going to be perfectly honest with you, was exactly my intention.  Because by taking a million photos and playing games on my phone, they kept quiet and out of my hair for a bit.  Yes, I use screen time as a distraction for my kids so I can shower or go to the bathroom or pack the car when more traditional methods of food and toys and books fail.  Sometimes, they even watch cartoons.  I’m probably going to burn in hell, and while I know this and feel terribly about it, I continue to be the bad parent and plop them in front of a screen on occasion, even if it is a tiny one.  Sometimes I feed them sugar, too.  Please don’t call CPS.


photo (61)


This kind of screen time has an annoying effect, however: I did not enjoy spending 20 minutes erasing all the 600 duplicate photos of sippy cups and someone’s adorable knees from my phone.


photo (62)

Would you just look at that dirty car seat!

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Mom and Dad said...

When I was a child, the nemesis was the TV. When you were young, people said watching TV and Nintendo was going to produce idiots...well, it is a balance as you know. Each generation has its distractions that are stereotypical that may malign us all to be reported to CPS....Despite that we all grew up to be pretty responsible...but I still enjoy watching TV all curled up in a robe....is that reverting back to my childhood? fine with me...