Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Weekend Snapshots

I won’t pretend it was an easy weekend; Charles continues to be demon-possessed a fair bit of the time, and managed to take his anger out on one of my library books on Saturday (why?  Because I told him he had to wait until after lunch to have a cupcake).  Nevertheless, I managed to keep my cool and helped the kids to enjoy themselves outside and in.


March 2012 003

Table Wars.  Every day, but give them the choice, and they want to sit as close together as possible.


March 2012 010

Stuff like this pretty much happens every day.


March 2012 012

I was so excited when Jamie finally fit into these old jammies of Charles’s – they’re my favorite.


March 2012 017

Waiting for daddy to get home.


March 2012 025

He’s Super.


March 2012 027

Faster than safe.


March 2012 038

Trains are serious business; Jamie and I played together after Tony and Charles went to bed early on Saturday.


March 2012 049


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Sarah said...

Looks like a fun one to me. And nice weather too! Jamie looks really young in that horsey picture.