Friday, May 17, 2013

Mom Support

It’s so great to have friends who get me and who are so generous.  There’s nothing like getting a nice pick-me-up in the mail, and I got several this Mother’s Day:






Yeah, I’m taking those books on the plane.  I’ll be the asshole who’s laughing out loud, snorting my in-flight white wine up my nose, choking on it, repeatedly assuring other passengers that I’m fine, then insisting on reading the funniest passages out loud so they know why I’m laughing so hard.


Peace out for a week, y’all!  Send supportive thoughts to my in-laws and parents.  They’re dealing with my monsters in my house for the week – Loris, there’s Mike’s Hard in the beer fridge, mom, there’s gin in the liquor cabinet.  Good luck!

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Roger Holeman said...

And I intend to put it to good use!