Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Things That Happened While We Were Away

1.  The interstate bridge collapsed.  We were at the movies, in Williamsburg, Virginia, when it happened.  I had turned my phone to silent to better enjoy the two hours of Iron Man 3. No one ever calls me, anyway.  AND it was a “Movie Tavern” so we were eating and drinking at the movies, which was awesome.  I picked up my phone as the credits were rolling, hoping that I hadn’t missed the good-night call from my boys, when I saw the text from my mom.  “Holy shit!” I exclaimed in the busy theater.  “The I-5 bridge over the Skagit River collapsed and there are people and cars in the water!”  I’m guessing that other movie-goers (besides Tony and Brandon) didn’t much care.  Later, we got to hear television news reporters on the East Coast mispronounce “Skagit.”


2.  My parents went on a cruise with their friends, but thankfully it didn’t end in norovirus or fires or engine failure.  Though I hear that my dad found a new favorite margarita variation.  I imagine this will create some amount of chaos in the future.


3.  My children ate fast food and cookies, brownies for breakfast, crackers and other junk for several days straight.  My brother reports that on Thursday they both wolfed down enormous quantities of broccoli at dinner.  I will continue making healthy meals, since it turns out my kids really do like it better than the alternative.


4.  The dog got a bath at the kennel, but it managed to loosen all of his undercoat, so there is an obvious coating of fur on every surface in our house.  It remains undefeated by daily vacuumings.


5.  My boys bonded.  No, really, they are closer than ever before.  Since we have been home, they have played together, really played together, non-stop.  Running, wrestling, chasing, bikes and trikes, toys, hiding, and giggling while burrowing in Charles’s bed.  Maybe because of shared traumatic experiences?  We talked to them every day, but maybe they thought we weren’t coming home?  Whatever the reason, it is so wonderful to see them playing together in an honest-to-goodness exchange, rather than just playing in the same room or antagonizing each other.


6.  I missed my babies.



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