Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I went on a little shopping trip this weekend.  Nothing big, nothing blowout, just some early Christmas shopping with some girlfriends.


I had to leave this behind:


photo 3 (8)


but they got a day with daddy, playing basketball, eating at McDonald’s, and going fishing.  Daddy is awesome.


Shopping with friends is pretty great, too.  We went to downtown Snohomish, which is filled with adorable shops selling cutesy gift-type stuff and also horrible antique stores that made me sneeze and really got me worried about the past.  I mean, if these are your treasures of yesteryear, what does that say about yesteryear?


photo 2 (13)

Creepy mummy statue


Weird Indian statues

photo 1 (14)


We made beeswax candles at a convent in Stanwood, had a rich and heavy lunch at a restaurant in Woodinville, and spent the last of our money on books at Barnes & Noble.  Frankly, it was exhausting, but I did acquire several Christmas gifts for family and friends and collected even more ideas for Christmas gifts.  I guess this means that the season has really started, hmm?  Someone get me an eggnog. 

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