Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Skating Party

On Saturday morning, the boys and I got up and went to Baby Boot Camp, where I nearly vomited from working so hard.  I was feeling pretty weak until I heard a couple of the other moms say things like, “my breakfast is right here (gesturing to her throat)” and “I’m going to barf.”  So at least it wasn’t just me.  We sprinted.  We jump-squatted.  We did push-ups. 


My legs and arms were Jell-O. 


So, of course, I ice-skated for two hours in the afternoon.


Charles’s party was wonderful.  I didn’t have to set up or clean up (the real advantages to paying for a party) and all of the kids (and adults, I think) had a wonderful time.


The only mishap of the day was when I didn’t have enough whipped cream to finish the frosting on the rainbow cake, so I sent Tony to the store.  He came back with half-and-half.  I was a little behind in getting to the party, but we made it, and the cookies and cupcakes were awesome, if I do say so myself.


photo 2 (12)

He refused to let me push him, Mr. Independent.


photo 1 (13)

Red cheeks from ice skating non-stop

photo (13)Rainbow cake before baking and icing 


photo 3 (7)

Rainbow cake after partial consumption


photo (14)

Presents!  We have such generous friends and family.


   Charles went a full lap around the ice without the helper (I stepped in as part-time helper)

My sore legs and hyped-up metabolism prompted me to eat two-and-a-half slices of Costco pizza that night.  Which is only one more slice than my five-year-old.  He’s catching up!

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