Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Things We Do for Our Kids

Charles is five years old today.  FIVE YEARS OLD.  This doesn’t seem so long ago, and yet it was.  Five years.  Sigh.


Charles woke up at about 4:30 am and crawled into bed with us.  Or rather, with me; both of my children come into our bed and kick me to the side.  Tony often doesn’t even know they’re there.  At about 5 am, Charles said, “Mommy, you’re too close to me.  Can you move?”  Yeah, sure kid.  It’s your birthday.  I’ll scoot over.


I left for a meeting before he woke up, but I made sure his presents were on the table.  Tony said that if there hadn’t been presents, it would have been a bad morning.  You can see the fatigue on his face.  Tantrum averted through well-timed gifts.




The costume was one of his gifts (50% off the day after Halloween – as long as this kid likes dressing up, I’ll have a cheap and easy birthday gift) and the other was a Little Mermaid DVD (that might have been a gift for me, too).


And I made a cake yesterday.  A Rice Krispies Cake.  That burned my greased-up fingers as I molded it:


photo 1 (11) 

Then I frosted it, which was fun.  Though I’m no artist, I don’t think it turned out too badly.  The green wheel spokes were Charles’s idea.


photo 2 (10)


Festivities commence today with a school party and continue this evening with a special dinner (he requested cheeseburgers and corn on the cob, which is nearly impossible to find post- corn season) and then a Science Night at a local school. 


Five years.  It’s just so amazing.  He’s so amazing.  I’ll get sappy about it tomorrow, I promise.


Roger Holeman said...

Awesome edible car!!

Julia said...

Fantastic birthday cake. I want one for myself, right now! Happy Birthday Charles, and happy birth day anniversary to you, mama!