Thursday, February 6, 2014

First Look

Did I tell you that I had an ultrasound last week?  At almost 17 weeks, we couldn’t get a good look at the sex, but we did get a good look at the baby.


He or she looks a lot like his or her older brothers:


3rd Baby Cook1



And would you just look at this adorable foot:


3rd baby Cook Foot


I can feel the baby move all the time now, which has been more than a bit distracting when I’m in a meeting at the office.  I dearly love this part of pregnancy – I’m not sick any more, except for a few lingering food aversions and gag reflexes (and the burping – oh, Lord, the burping!), and I am not so exhausted that my every non-nauseated thought is about when I can grab my next nap.  This is the magical time of pregnancy.  And I want to suck every bit of enjoyment from it because it is the last time.


I even bought myself some new wardrobe pieces.  Beyond the simple black skirts I will probably wear with everything, I also got this tunic on sale:


photo (4)

That’s the skinny mirror.  We all have one.


My mom recently gifted me her pearls, and that was my first opportunity to wear them.  I love pearls and have wanted a strand for a long time.

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