Monday, February 24, 2014

Out of Ideas

Someone is starting to get VERY BORED at his older brother’s swim lessons.


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This despite the fact that I bring many, many, many back-breaking books (heavy diaper bag and heavy swim bag and I am a pack mule mama) and snacks and toy tractors.  One more month, and then he will have to sit through Charles’s soccer games.  Of course, Charles will have to sit through Jamie’s Bitty Soccer practice, too, so at least there will be some turnabout.  And then we’re taking the summer off.  You know, to have a baby.


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In a rare moment of no rain, I MADE them run around outside of the Y for a few minutes.     


I ran out of steam this weekend, and we didn’t do much of anything.  Tony’s parents came to visit, and for the first time, Jamie and Charles chose to stay with them rather than run errands or go to boot camp with me.  We read stories and more stories, watched some Wild Kratts and Thomas the (asshole) Tank Engine, went to a birthday party, had takeout, and took naps.  I hadn’t had a nap in weeks and I had almost forgotten how great they feel. 

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Ways to Pass Time with a Toddler #357: Make him your dishes slave.  Shirts optional.


Tony and I had the pleasure of going to a Doc Severinsen and the San Miguel Five show at a local casino on Saturday night, a rare date night for us.  I’ve been thinking, lately, about how I would like to recapture, on a more ongoing basis, our relationship.  Not that we don’t have a relationship, but we are, like most couples, bogged down in daily life.  We don’t have the luxury of being able to schedule a recurring, weekly date night, but grabbing time where we can is important.  Tax season seems to throw our relationship further to the side of “cohabitation and co-parenting,” rather than “loving and in-love.”


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I’m not kidding when I say that we were the youngest in the room, by far.  The show was AMAZING, and all the other young people are really missing out.

All told, it was a pretty great weekend, just relaxing and not committing to anything.  I’ll take another weekend like that anytime.


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