Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Halfway Point

Last weekend, I reached the halfway point in this pregnancy, and I’m here to tell you that the second half is going to be WAY better than the first.


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I started to feel lots better a couple of weeks ago, and I just keep feeling better every day.  I wish I could nap more often, but that’s not in the cards, and I don’t need it like I did just a few weeks ago.  My food aversions have mostly disappeared while my cravings for salad and fresh fruits and vegetables have asserted themselves yet again.  Who can eat half of a fresh pineapple in one setting?  This girl.  I have also rediscovered my lost love of cheese, and even chocolate and sugar are starting to sound good sometimes (but not much or often).  The baby moves quite a bit, and he or she is firmly stuck on the right side of my body, much like my boys were – is it more comfy on the right or something?  I don’t know, I only know that the baby is getting large enough that my belly can sometimes look lopsided.


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I continue to exercise at least three times a week, but boy do I get tired!  I barely break a sweat and I am winded.  Still, I persist, even as I wistfully watch my endurance and strength drain away.  My hope is that all this exercise will keep my butt from getting too big, but so far it has not much helped in that respect.  At the very least, maybe I’ll be back to running several miles a week before this baby is a year old.


We’re starting to think of things this baby will need.  If it’s a boy, we have all the clothes and toys a boy-child could ever need.  I started an Amazon registry to keep track of things I need and the list basically consists of more cloth diapers and an infant car seat.  Ah, but it’s nice to be a third-time mom.  There’s so much less panic.


Of course, we do have to buy a car that will accommodate more than two car seats abreast, but there is time.  And we’ll need to name this kid, but we’ll probably wait until after tax season to have any real name discussions.  Besides, by then we’ll know the sex (my ultrasound is at 23 weeks – after the corporate tax deadline), so we can narrow the discussion.


Will it be strange to know the sex this time around?  Yes, decidedly.  But I think it will also be nice.  I would love to wait, but on the chance I am carrying a girl, I would dearly love to shop for girl clothing.  And, as I’ve said before, if I’m carrying a boy, I will mourn the girl I will never have.


So there you have (halve) it: less than 20 weeks to go.


Sylvie said...

If you cannot decide on a car, and if you are still keeping Charles in a 5-point harness, take a look at the Diono carseats. They are pretty pricey (similar to Britax) but you can fit 3 in a normal sedan back seat). They are narrower on the outside dimensions than most other car seat and seat closer to the actual car seat so they take less space. But they are still super roomy for the children. And actually ar even better for the taller kids. The first one I bought was for Roman, not because we needed the space but because they were taller and fit him better (he was/still is a giant). They have a great safety rating and totally worth their price (we have 3 of them).

I think it woudl be hard to have 2 + a booster as it might get a little tight to buckle the seat belt but with the harness, this is not an issue.

Sylvie said...

sorry for all the typos/fat finger...blame the phone ;)