Monday, July 28, 2014

3 Weeks

Freddie is a chunky kid, much like Charles was.  At his two-week appointment, he weighed nine pounds, twelve ounces.  He’s probably put on a pound or even two in the week since then.


photo 4 (4)


The photo above is from Saturday, while the next couple of photos are from last week… can you see the size difference?


photo 2 (13)

Sleeping on me last week, when his newborn clothes still fit him


photo 1 (14)photo (12) 

It’s mostly baby bliss around these parts.  Freddie nurses, we snuggle, Tony and I scheme ways to get more sleep, and our older boys feel neglected.  Sounds about right, doesn’t it?  Yesterday, I came upon Charles sitting on the floor of his bedroom, putting on his pajamas and whining to himself.  “It’s not fair!  I never get to do what I want to do!”  By next summer, we’ll be traipsing all over the place, but this summer, the boys are having to deal with a mom who can’t attend to their every immediate need.  I can only attend to Freddie’s every immediate need, and I refuse to compensate with repeated showings of Despicable Me when it’s 80 degrees and sunny out.  Jamie is not immune to the reduced attention and activity, either.  Often, I’ll look up from Freddie or dinner or my highly-coveted trip alone to the bathroom (you know, the necessary things to keep us all alive) to find Jamie sitting alone in the front yard, staring into space, thumb in his mouth (it’s back… with a vengeance!). 


photo 3 (13)photo 1 (13)

He sleeps best on his stomach


This could all be solved with some play-dates, but I’m just not ready to cart my three-week-old to the park.  I’m trying to take baby steps to get my life back: a half-mile walk here, a half-glass of wine there, and limited outings (mostly limited to the doctor’s office and my job, at this point).  The last thing I need is to become incontinent from pushing my body too far post-childbirth.


photo 2 (12)

The evil car seat


photo 3 (12)

The post-nursing stretch

Thankfully, there will be blueberry pancakes for dinner, followed by soccer practice this evening.  This weekend will be filled with birthday parties and a promised trip to the roller rink (yes, we still have one of those in this town!).  Maybe we can stave off the boredom a bit, hopefully without me having to do any real work.

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