Thursday, July 31, 2014

Baby’s First Photo Shoot

Freddie Cook


We had some beautiful photos taken of our beautiful family this weekend and I want to share them with you.  The thing is, I felt beautiful when I got showered and dressed and made up that day for the photo shoot, but I did not feel beautiful when looking at the finished photos.  HOWEVER, I recognize that these photos are proof that I existed after giving birth to my baby, and someday, through the sweet, softening haze of time, I will maybe not be so critical of my appearance in them.



But now, now, all I see are my double chins, my pornographic breasts, my chubby arms, and my head that looks too small for my four-sizes-larger-than-normal body.  But please look at my husband’s strong biceps and my children’s blue eyes – I really am surrounded by the most wonderful-looking men.




My friend Jen has taken our photos for years now.  She’s so relaxed and funny and she flirts with me (even in my post-partum, giant-butt state), but better than that, better even than that she takes great photos, is the fact that a photo shoot with Jen lasts only as long as we want it to.  When you have small children, your timeline for doing anything is compressed.  Photo shoots need to be fun and interesting and all photos must be taken in that brief window of time before someone falls down and gets his face scraped or gets food all over his sweater or barfs all over my shoulder.  Jen just sort of manages to take great photos of us without being fussy or worrying about composition or light or anything.  She’s magic that way. 


She can’t make my children smile for photos, though.


Cook Family

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