Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Round and Round

Conversations in the car last night:


Jamie: Mom!  Where’s my new fire truck train?


Me: Honey, it’s either at home or here in the car.


Jamie: Oh.  It’s at home.  But I wanted to take it to Baby Boot Camp!


Me: Well, we don’t take toys like that to Baby Boot Camp because they might get lost.


Charles: What got lost at Baby Boot Camp???!!!


Me: Nothing.  Jamie was talking about his fire truck.


Charles: What fire truck?


Me: His new Flynn the Fire Engine toy that he got as a gift for his birthday from Maria.


Jamie: What fire engine?


Me: Flynn the Fire Engine.


Charles: It’s lost already?!


Jamie:  Who’s Flynn?


Me: No, it’s not lost.  It’s at home.


Jamie: Oh.  But I wanted to take it to Baby Boot Camp!


Jamie: Who’s Flynn?


Jamie: What fire engine?




Me: Charles, would you be interested in having a campout at Maria’s house this summer with some other big kids?


Jamie: I’m a big kid!


Me: I know, sweetie, but you’re not quite big enough to camp out away from home.  How about a campout with Daddy in our backyard?


Jamie: But I’m a big kid!  I’m three!


Charles: With Maria and David and Christian?


Me: I think it would be with Gabey and Heidi and some of their cousins.


Charles: Who are their cousins?


Me: Well, they would be other kids your age, like the boy Christian who came to Jamie’s birthday party with Gabey and Heidi.


Charles: Who?


Me: You remember, Gabey and Heidi and their cousin Christian came after everyone else and you guys bounced on the bouncy house for an hour together.


Charles: Gabey came to Jamie’s party?


Me: Yes!  With Heidi and Christian!


Charles: Who’s Christian?


Me: The five-or-six-year-old boy who was with Gabey and Heidi at our house on Saturday evening, jumping with you in the bouncy house!


Charles: Who?


Jennifer L. said...

I just hurt my abs from laughing too hard at this!! Only a parent of small kids can truly appreciate this type of humor.

Kelli said...

Do you ever just want to say to them, "WOULD YOU JUST PULL YOUR S**T TOGETHER, PEOPLE?" Because I think I had that exact same conversation about the train, except about light sabers, with my boys.