Thursday, May 29, 2008

Complain? Me? Never...

So we are about to hit the 16-week mark on this lovely journey of pregnancy, which means all sorts of fun tests for me... yay! More blood drawn, more peeing in cups. Par for the course, I guess.

Lately I have been less tired (though still tired), hungrier, and pained. Yes, pained. My hips are getting wider, not in the sense that I am packing on the saddlebags, but in the sense that the bones in my hips and pelvis are actually moving apart. Ouch! This has caused me to have some pretty severe tailbone pain when I sit for too long, for instance, when I am at work. All day. Oh, yeah, and heartburn? We met each other for the first time in the history of me this week. Foul symptom, I knew not what you were, but now that I do, I hate you. Add that to the vivid dreams I've been having and whoa, I am so pregnant! We watched I am Legend the other day and I had nightmares about zombies and dead dogs all night long. I am hoping that after we see Indiana Jones next week I won't experience similarly unpleasant dreams about Nazis.

I think Buster is catching on to the pregnancy thing. He doesn't jump on me anymore, and he has sure gotten cuddly lately. He now sleeps at the foot of our bed (not actually on the bed, but on a dog bed at the foot of it) most of the night instead of his couch. Kinda sweet, but I also miss the frantic, crazy Buster a bit. I've got some good photos I'll post later.

Wish us luck as we go into the whole testing phase in the next weeks (I wish I could study for something like this-- I was always good at tests) and pray that we don't have a Down's Syndrome baby or any other malformity. As if there wasn't enough other stuff to worry about. Like, I had a turkey sandwich today (strictly off-limits due to Listeria possibilities) because I was on a field trip and the box lunches provided included no vegetarian meals (which would not have had Listeria), so not only was I exposed to potential baby-killing bacteria by the mere fact of eating a turkey sandwich, but also the sandwich had been sitting with 45 others under a bus for at least 4 hours. I fail motherhood already.


Sarah said...

I'm sure you'll "pass" all of the tests with flying colors. Oh, and I hope you figure out a way to sit comfortably. I wonder if the chamber will spring for a fancy shmancy comfy chair for you, or maybe a recliner?

Sarah said...

Oh, and not that it probably is any comfort for you, but we watched "I am Legend" a month or two ago and although not pregnant, I had similar dreams. I'm trying not to watch intense creepy movies for a while.

soizic said...

Hey there !! Guess who's proud of your being pregnant as if she was your mother and gave me this blog ?

Yes, i had weird symptoms too : brushing my teeth would make me sick. I could only do it in the shower or walking around in the house thinking of something else than my mouth full of "toothpaste mousse"