Monday, May 12, 2008

Week 13

I only gained 1.5 lbs in the last 4 weeks-- shocked, I am. Why, I am growing out of my clothes like the Incredible Hulk around here! The nurse looked at me as I stepped on the scale and said, "Good job." Probably the only time in my life anyone will congratulate me on weight gain, so I will revel in this for awhile. Ah, yes, and now begins the Second Trimester, wherein I should gain .5 to 1 lbs PER WEEK. Without the aid of pregnancy, I am not sure I could do this if I tried.

My other stats are positive, as well. No wonky issues with blood pressure, my uterus is at the perfect height in my abdomen (I told the doc that I'm an over-achiever), and generally things are healthy. Everyone keeps saying that I will come out of this exhaustion funk anytime now, so I am just crossing my fingers. The yawn feeling that is perpetually trapped in my chest thinks that it will not happen anytime soon, though...

The real highlight of the visit was that we got to hear the little baby's heartbeat, going strong at 150 beats per minute. Then, the baby moved clear across my uterus, and the doctor had to search for the heartbeat again. This kid's a swimmer!

In other news, we had a busy weekend, and we'll be having a busier week. The flowers are really popping up in the yard, and Tony and I have embarked on a large project to create a vegetable garden. Much to my mother's chagrin and fear for her unborn grandchild, I rototilled the garden space, and Tony and I purchased cinder blocks to border the thing. Tony did more rototilling and digging, and Buster enjoyed the chaos. Hmm, we did other stuff, too, I'm sure of it, though my brain is tired of thinking and remembering those things is tough. We washed the cars, shampooed the carpet, took a nap or two (okay, maybe that was just me), Tony played soccer, we went to an 80's party for a friend on Friday night in Gig Harbor...

Here is a tulip in the backyard. Even though the large fields around town have been topped, the residential gardens all over Mount Vernon continue to bloom:
The bricks in the backyard:

Buster is a big help to Tony:

"This is one of my favorite chewies, and Tony just mowed the lawn, and Amelia rubs my belly, and it's sunny, and life is so good."

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Mom and Dad said...

Great job!! Isn't amazing that weight gain can be a positive? I wish I could give you some words of wisdom about the tiredness, but I can't remember. Sorry. Your garden looks amazing. Tony said you guys worked very hard.
You heard the baby's heartbeat!! Was it cool? Maybe it was just kidding with the disappearing act? After all, can't let the doc have it easy??? Take care sweetheart. Doin' good so far....Love ya