Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday, Monday...

And the Saga of T & A continues...

Tony generally seems to have much more intellectual things to say on the blog than I do. I really don't have much to say, in general, I think, but I know how frustrated I get with my friends' blogs when they are not updated regularly, so I am attempting to avoid your contempt. I know I am not much funny, either. Some people have the gift. Me, I seem to have the gift of much complaint. And years of training for academic and marketing prose-- which means you can either have the dry facts with big words or the Wonderful! Exciting! Soundbites! of small words and fluff. I choose academic, because the other bores me and sort of makes my head explode.

This weekend was quite the doozy, and I am hoping that the promise of a long weekend to come and a short work-week (proof of God's love, right there) will do much to relax me over the next few days. While Tony mowed the lawn, went for miles-long runs and bikerides in 95-degree weather, and played soccer, I volunteered at a food drive. As you might have read, food banks are yet another victim of rising food prices and the perceived recession, but it continues to amaze me how generous people are if you ask them straight out. I mean, not many people will see an article in the paper, pick up the phone, and donate. But if you stand outside of a grocery store and ask each person who comes in to donate an item or two, you can fill a storage unit in 8 hours. Giving in America is not a lost attribute, people. You just have to ask.

I still look pretty much the same as last week, and I am really enjoying my maternity pants. So I am less-than-adequate when it comes to the "looks" department and I am obviously not "winning" at pregnancy - unlike those thin girls who can wear their pre-pregnancy jeans until the fifth month with just one button undone (I won't name names, but you know who you are, and just remember: for every second that you were admiring your adorable barely-there baby bump, hoping and praying for that day that it "pops", there is some poor girl like me who is crying bitter tears over her lost figure) - but at least I am a bit more comfortable now. Which might make me less of a bitch. I am certain that there is a correlation between tight pants and bitchiness. Now if only I didn't have constant indigestion and feel like my stomach had migrated to my throat (get back where you BELONG, stomach!)... sigh. Also, it would be nice if people would stop saying, "Oh my GAWD, I can't believe you're already SHOWING!!!" Yeah, I know it. Thank you very much.

Buster got a bath last night and a brand new snake toy from his Leland. He is in seventh heaven, and now he smells lovely! This weekend he'll be happy to spend even more time with Leland as Tony and I are heading to the Tri-Cities for some inventory observation Tony has to do on Friday. We'll be coming back Saturday to enjoy the loooong weekend with some gardening, barbequeing, and general good times.

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Margarita Primavera said...

Any chance that you might "jump" to Walla Walla from the Tri-Cities? You'll be so close and it'd be great to see you if you can make it!