Friday, May 16, 2008


So I was thinking the other day (okay, every day), how am I going to do this? This little person that will come into my life, what was I thinking?

Do you think they make baby treats so I can teach it to sit and stay? We've made so much progress with Buster, I just don't know what I'll do if my child isn't extrinsically motivated. "Little hot dog bits thrown up in the air that you can catch with your mouth if you clean your room!" "Take a bath and then you can have this lovely squeaky toy!" "Mama will rub your belly if you lay on my feet to keep them warm!"

I'm gonna be a great mom.


Stephanie said...

Sure they have kid treats, they're called fruit snacks. :-)

jeremy wood said...

It is my understanding that this infant will literally suck the life-essence from you in lieu of "treats" or other nourishment.

Sarah said...

Kid "treats" also come in the form of cool toys, getting to do things like go to the park, and when they get older, cell phones and game consoles. But maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves. Oh yeah, and I think they call that "bribing" these days... Dang parenting books, giving perfectly practical methods nasty little names.