Friday, October 24, 2008

Shower with love...

A bit late in posting this, but I owe a big, gigantic THANK YOU to the lovely ladies who put on and attended my second baby shower in Mount Vernon... wow! I had a ton of fun, and I was totally exhausted by the end of the day! The highlights were that my Aunt Lisa and my Aunt Cindy (pictured with a friend's baby) both drove up to attend; it was wonderful to see them!

We played some interesting games, including one where everyone had to "birth" a small, plastic baby from an ice cube. Our new friend Janin, wife of a new hire at Tony's firm, won!

Everyone also had to guess how large my belly was by cutting a piece of string. Janin, who is also pregnant, won that one as well. Most people WAAAY overestimated. Including my own mom! I guess I look a lot bigger than I am? I don't know, is that a good or bad thing?

This is my boss, Kristen, who threw the shower:

All in all, we had a fun time, and little baby cook received many gifts from his/her adoring fans, including a crib from my mom, a bassinet from my mother-in-law, and a changing table from my Aunt Lisa! Holy cow, we might be ready for this baby after all!

Last night, we purchased a dresser, and Tony put the changing table together. The crib is backordered until December, but we have the bassinet for the baby to inhabit for the first month or so. I will take some photos of the baby room this weekend, after I clean it a bit better.

I was supposed to have a doctor's appointment on Thursday, but the office called and rescheduled me to Monday due to an emergency. In my last-weeks-of-pregnancy hormonal anxiety state, I was a little bit peeved. After all, people are starting to tell me that I have dropped (and oh, can I feel it-- pregnancy is painful, people!) and I really want to know what my status is. An aquaintance of mine, who was due on November 21, gave birth this weekend! Yikes, that totally made me realize how close we are!

Oh, and here are the new standings in the pool:

10/31 - Mom

11/10 - Amanda

11/11 - Cris

11/14 - Kelli

11/15 - Maggi

11/17 - Jeanne-Marie

11/18 - Monica

11/19 - Loris

11/20 - Keleigh

11/21 - Carole

11/22 - Sarah


K Schimmy said...

Be careful, it's in the air... Alina gave birth on Wednesday as did her brother Mike's girlfriend (they share a birthday... cute!). I have dropped also... I think we're going early, my dear. Get your bag packed!

Mom and Dad said...

Boy did they ever!! Got to see Mikey and his girlfriend walk into OB and Alena the next day too. I was so proud of them. Laura was busting at the seams.
Kelli - get ready. Maybe I will see you too.
My hope is Amelia and Tony will have enough notice for us down south grandmas to arrive before that baby does.