Sunday, September 6, 2009

Of Snips & Snails

Tony & Charles are in the bath right now. Together. Poor Charles doesn't have much room to move about, I'm afraid, but he is making happy noises, so all is well with the world again.
I wanted to get some good semi-nude photos, because his chub is just SOOOO cute, but he doesn't cooperate so well.

He's been sick, my poor baby. 104.7 degree temp on Friday, the doc says it's a virus. He still has a bit of a fever, and he cries a lot more than usual. Doesn't want to be put down much lately and prefers to nap in my arms as opposed to his crib. We are hanging around the house this Labor Day Weekend, laying low, chillin. Charles is enjoying the dual-parent time, and I am enjoying the Tony time. Tony is enjoying installing a new garage door opener, after our last one failed miserably. We determined that it was at least 20 years old, so no big surprise. I'll let Tony tell you more, as he is proud of his installation, as well he should be. The only unfortunate part of the whole deal was that we left the car windows open in the driveway yesterday and it rained overnight. We're not at all used to closing the windows because, well, we usually park the car in the garage, and open windows means a car that doesn't smell like hot, stuffy dog and graham cracker crumbs. Whoops. Now it will smell like wet leather, I suppose.

The easiest way to put a smile on his face is to pull out the camera - Charles is such a ham! He'll climb over every obsacle in his path (including me) to get the this awesome little machine.We hope you all are enjoying a great weekend!


Mom and Dad said...

Wow, he is a ham and such a cute one too. High temp!!! any cold baths in his future? His auntie and Gma did not like our experience with them at all, but they were the thing that brought it down. We too are laying low this weekend. Love ya

Sarah said...

That's one cute kid with some determination to get... that... camera! Sorry to hear about the fever, I hope you have your cheery Charles back soon.

K Schimmy said...

Poor little fever boy! I hope he is feeling much, much better. It is so sad when they just want to sleep on your shoulder.