Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Stupid Useless Organs!

To everyone who has sent well wishes and kept me in their prayers, thank you. I understand my surgeon is the best they have and quite a perfectionist. Admirable traits in a health care provider. I have three small incisions on my stomach, no more appendix and very little pain. I should be able to go home tomorrow (Wednesday).

There is not much to write about my "adventure", if you want to call it that. Most of the last day or so has been seen through closed eyes and a lot of pain, which doesn't do much for a narration. However, I am currently doing very well in a VERY quiet hospital room. Since, I spent most of the day napping and recovering, I am now (1am) very much awake and am fighting the urge to log in to work and bill a few hours.

I will share with you three things I learned during this ordeal:

1)Don't ever force yourself to vomit unless you are CERTAIN it will make you feel better.
2)Catheders are not very fun
3)If there is someone outside your door to help you get in and out of bed, ask them to help or you just might end up dropping your laptop on the floor and breaking the screen.

Regarding #3, I feel like I am driving down the information superhighway with a broken windshield. Urgh.

Maybe I'll just ask for some more narcotics to put me to sleep...mmMMMmmm Narcotics. Don't do drugs kids.


SF Runner said...

Poor Tony! Take care of yourself!


Lo said...

Glad you are getting better...Here's to a speedy recovery.

Mom and Dad said...

Did you get home Wed?

Sarah said...

Glad to hear things are going well. Don't push yourself too hard... Right... Well, just heal up quickly. :)