Thursday, August 26, 2010

Miscellaneous Madness

Tony was in a golf tournament last week, and I guess the person who posted the photos on Facebook isn’t friends with him, because they tagged him as me instead.  Don’t I look lovely?

golf4 golf3

golf2 golf

Except that I would never wear that shirt-shorts combo.



Leland went to the fair with a friend and held a baby goat.  He told me this great story in his “adorable voice” about a little girl who had baby goats to show and she asked Leland if he wanted to hold one and she was so nice and blah, blah, sunshine, sparkles, rainbows.  And then these were the photos:




Is it just me, or does this girl look totally angry and possessive?  “Don’t touch my goat.  Get your hands off of my goat.  That’s my goat.”  But the baby goat is cute.  And Leland’s single, by the way.  Ladies?



I have been doing the 30-Day-Shred and also running and visiting the gym on occasion for the past six weeks, which translates into sometimes working out twice a day, but I haven’t lost weight.  In fact, I have gained three pounds.  So, I think I am giving up.  I’m leaving on a cruise in 9 days and the butt’s just gonna be flabby.  I also tried on a cute sundress I have had for a few years and there is no way I will wear it in public at this weight, so it goes to storage as a “dream dress” now.  I have a few of those, I won’t lie.  However, for the most part, I recognize that I will forever more have “Mom Body” and most of my old clothing has gone to Goodwill.  I just keep the really cute stuff in hopes that I can fit into it again someday and reminisce. 



Speaking of the cruise, what does one take on a Caribbean cruise for seven days?  Assuming I don’t want to pay the baggage fee and take everything in my carry-on.  Which, now that I think about it, doesn’t seem particularly likely.  After all, I will want to bring shampoo, etc.  And yes, I know I can buy that in Florida, but how much am I going to want to run around Miami with a suitcase (even carry-on size) looking for shampoo?  I am tending toward packing all sundresses and bikinis, but there’s a formal night as well, right?  How formal is it?  Slinky red dress formal, or lacy black dress formal?  And will I want my hiking stuff for the excursions to Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Grand Turk, etc?  Running shoes and workout clothes for the fitness center?  Jeans for the air-conditioned theatre?  Clubbin’ clothes for the dancing?  A different pair of shoes for each occasion?  If I were Tony, I would just bring a pair of shoes, plaid shorts, and a polo, I guess.


K Schimmy said...

My parents cruise a lot... Mom always laments taking as much as she does. She ALWAYS says, "I didn't wear half of what I took!" They have washing machines on board... matter of fact, you can even buy shampoo on board. The ships are like little cities.

Have a wonderful, wonderful time! Rest, relax, sunbathe (with sunscreen, fellow paleface!).

And I agree with you about that shorts/shirt combo on Tony. MAJOR faux pas. But golf warrants plaid, which is why I don't play.

Sarah said...

I think the baggage fee is worth being able to take what you want. The formal night on our cruise was pretty formal, but I would say, wear what you like the most. How often do you get to dress up for a formal night? Could your workout clothes double as hiking clothes? Do you have a dress that would do double-duty for dinner or clubbing? Then again, I'd just wing it and deal with the consequences. BTW, I never used the workout facility when we went cruising.

And ohmygosh, have fun!!!!

Tony said...

There is NOTHING wrong with wearing what I wear. For the record, it took me about 30 seconds to decide on that outfit. Think about the time it took anyone to criticize what I will never get that time back! **sticking tongue out**