Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How to take a family photo

First, determine who knows how to work the 10-second delay on their digital camera.  This is the hardest part.


Then, assemble family and let the fun begin!


Take a few photos of various people’s backsides because we all think we know how Aunt Lynda’s camera works, but we really don’t.  See step one. 


Get your own camera out of the diaper bag, brush off the cracker crumbs, and set it up.  Hooray for blonde-proof electronics!


Wedding 015

Determine that this photo, while it does contain everyone actually looking at the camera and not moving, has bad lighting.  Rearrange.


Wedding 016

Whoa!  Camera’s too close, people are blocked, and Jim’s head is stretched out at the edge of the photo.  Move the camera and try again.


Wedding 017

Okay, but where’s Amelia?  And the back row looks like a police lineup!  Try again.


Wedding 018

That’s a lot of table, but we can crop that.  Wait!  Where did John and Lynda go?  They’re hiding behind the couch!  Jack is suspicious of this activity and turned away.  Try again!


Wedding 019

The baby’s getting squirmy (as you can tell from the blur that was Jack).  This will have to do.  Happy family photo!*



*I call this one “Success.”


K Schimmy said...

Ah. And people balk at paying a professional. Ha.

Get someone skilled in Photoshop to take Jack's head from a another photo and cut and paste... no one will ever know.

Awesome post. I enjoyed this.

Mom and Dad said...

It was amusing to see how many times we could actually NOT get a picture right. Fun, but ...