Thursday, August 5, 2010

Not Just an Excuse to Drink.

So I went on a ladies’ hike last weekend… and when I got back and showed the photos to my employees, they were amazed that we actually hiked and didn’t just say we were going to and then drink and gab the whole weekend. 


No, we actually hiked, 12 miles in fact, and it was not the easiest of hikes.  Not the toughest, either, as there was very little elevation gain.  Of course, we did drink as well, and had gourmet meals around the campfire.  But no showers, so we were sort of roughing it.




The hike was a Rotary auction item, led by a gentleman in my Rotary Club.  He and his wife worked at an archeological dig in Ozette, Washington in 1979 and 1980, where they uncovered longhouses (destroyed by mudslides) built by the Macah indians 10,000+ years ago. 


We hiked from our campsite through three miles of forest to the beach.


Then, another three miles on the beach, including the dig site (on which there is a reconstructed longhouse and a monument) and some really neat caves and rocks.  We crossed 5 headlands in our trip north on the beach.







On the way back, the headlands were impassable due to the tide.  So we climbed over them, of course.




It was a ton of fun.  Washington has to be the most beautiful state in the Union, don’t you think?



me beach


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Mom and Dad said...

Plus the most beautiful girl in the picture. missed you but it looks like it was great fun.