Thursday, December 30, 2010

Can’t Hide It Anymore…

At 14 weeks and change, I am already looking the part of a pregnant lady… I think I am three weeks ahead of my last pregnancy in terms of growth.  Let’s hope it doesn’t keep on pace, hmm? 


November 2010 089

On the other hand, I haven’t gained as much weight as I had with Charles at this point, likely because I have been so sick.  As a result, many of my pants from last time don’t fit.  And my old maternity clothes are all summer wear, so I have done some shopping of late.  My mom gifted me the sweater in the photo above.  She has great taste, doesn’t she?


And here’s the monkey, for your viewing pleasure:

November 2010 086

Snack time involves the whole cupboard.  Also, this was in the evening.  He wore his pajamas the whole day, even at daycare.

November 2010 088

Snow boots as big as his head.


K Schimmy said...

Our bumps are looking about the same size. I, too, did some shopping, also because everything I have is for much warmer weather. Love the sweater!

Sarah said...

As I looked at the picture, I thought, cute sweater! Nice work, Jane. I have a few maternity clothes to bring you, but I'm not sure they will be much help in this weather.

Mom and Dad said...

You look gorgeous. Charlie looks dapper in the new boots as well. Glad you are feeling better.