Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Christmas Card I Would Have Made If I Hadn’t Been All Sick and Stuff

November 2010 065

November 2010 066

November 2010 067

November 2010 068

November 2010 069

November 2010 070

Because now it’s the 15th and it’s too late to put all these blurry-happy-Charles-in-a-Christmas Sweater-and-sweatpants-with-one-leg-up photos together in a sappy card, get them printed, stamped, addressed, and personalized.  I wanted to use this one, too, but in the Christmas card of my mind, it just didn’t fit, but since this is the internet and nothing will be sent this year, here you go:

November 2010 056

Mommy’s socks!  He put them on himself!


K Schimmy said...

I hate to ask... but is your child wearing KNICKERS in the top photos???

Amelia said...

God, wouldn't that be awesome? No, they're just sweatpants that he pulled some sort of rally-pants action with.

Lo said...


Mom and Dad said...

it's a great card

Mom and Dad said...

Your tree is beautiful. Guess we had better get one before you arrive tomorrow?