Monday, December 27, 2010

I Give Up

I spent the weekend trying to sleep off nausea.  Which doesn’t work, if you wanted to know. 


I thought I was getting better, but I’m not.  I had a few good days and now I have had several bad days.  I missed Christmas dinner.  I might be one of the few pregnant women to NOT gain weight over the holidays.  I am tired and sick, and sick and tired.


Enough!  Today I will pick up my prescription for Reglan, a Class B drug that will, supposedly, help my stomach empty faster and help me to feel less nauseated all the damn time.  The doctor thinks I am on the extreme end of normal for morning (all day) sickness, but he wants to check my thyroid at my next blood draw (two or three weeks from now) just in case something is wonky there.  And if all goes well, I should start to feel better in a couple of weeks.  Because, though it is hyped to be a magical time of pregnancy, the second trimester can start off sucky and continue so until 18 weeks for some people.  That would be another month for me.  Another month of feeling like barf.


And I can’t do it, because it is officially tax season – hooray (not)!  I am now Charles’ primary caretaker and I need to be on my game.  So, Reglan, here I come!


What’s that?  A post about something fun and nice, like Christmas, would be welcome, you say?  Well, perhaps I’ll feel better tomorrow and less like complaining, hmm?  Because other than my issues, Christmas was wonderful.


K Schimmy said...

Feeling better your second trimester is BS. I think I felt WORSE my second trimester with Ruary. So, if it doesn't go away, just get help for it. My doctor had mentioned Reglan, too (which, incidentally, is also used to aid milk production, so the girls will get bigger!), but I actually do think my ick is leveling out.

Getting things moving is the key, I think... last night, I just wanted a SALAD. Just some roughage. My body is telling me something, methinks.


Mom and Dad said...

Christmas was lovely though and having you guys at the house was fun. You did maintain a pretty good profile despite having been feeling icky.

Amelia said...

Oh, sweet Reglan... Kelli, if you feel the need, I highly recommend it. I was able to eat this evening, even vegetables, and I had SECONDS. Good Lord, I can't honestly remember the last time that happened. And I've wanted a ton more liquid, too. Things are looking up. I'm only supposed to take the stuff for 4 weeks (or less), so let's hope things get better before then.

Stephanie said...

Did I not say to get the drugs?? I'm glad you caved. :) And I'm glad I caught you on one of the few good days last week. :) Miss you!

K Schimmy said...

Hooray for Reglan! So glad to hear it. Enjoy all the wonderful food that the world has to offer.

Mom and Dad said...

Hoo-Reglan! Hoo-Reglan!!